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Soft Code Gel

The acid-free Soft Code Gel products are the intelligent solution for individual, nail type-specific nail sculpting. Acid-free and drip-resistant. Guaranteed color stability and prevent nail yellowing. Soft Code Gel comes in three viscosities, matching the different needs of natural nail types (soft, brittle and normal).

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Dream Collection

The Dream Collection provides pure luxury on the hands and nails! With high-quality ingredients such as gold dust, caviar and diamond powder, the Dream Collection offers the highest standards of indulgence and elegance in Nail Polish.

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NailSpa is a unique, prescriptive nail care system that can be adapted to the individual needs of different nail types. NailSpa combines the traditional knowledge of aromatherapy with only the best, high-quality ingredients. Soothing essential oils and highly effective plant extracts provide a deep moisturizing effect on nails and cuticles.

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